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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore - William Joyce, Joe Bluhm

I read this story over and over again and the more I read it, the richer it became.   It’s about words, it’s about books, it’s about stories and order and life and ….I could go on but I think everyone who reads it will find their own meaning. Morris loved stories and books, writing his own joys and sorrows down each morning. His hopes and dreams, all written in print as he loved words and order.   As life would have it, a storm blew in and upset his world and he finds himself in world like Oz. The illustrations do a superb job with this transformation with the color and the details. A woman floats by in a festival of books and hands him her favorite book, he follows her to the library where he is totally amazed at this building. The room is in dismay as he hears the book calling to him as they float around the room. The books all need assistance and Morris tries to help them. He gets wrapped up inside their pages, those wonderful stories captive him so Morris decides to share the stories with the people of the town. It’s a wonderful tale of Morris and his life; it’s a book you just want to share with everyone. The illustrations fit perfectly with the book and the script is written on a tan paper which I thought added to the warmth of the story.


““Everyone’s story matters,” said Morris. And all the books agreed.”