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Mytro - John Biggs

It looks like such a small book but it provides so much adventure, history, and drama within its pages. John’s great imagination shows through with this fantastic storyline with unique characters, realistic imagery and a fast-paced novel. Nate and Nick ride the Mytro every day but they don’t know the Mytro’s history nor the capabilities this mysterious train system has, they just know that it helps them get where they need to go faster.   Finding the hidden passageways, they climb aboard and off they go. Their father has been quietly unearthing the history of the rails unbeknownst to the twins.  Just a few individuals are aware of the rails existent and of course, everyone has plans for what they would like to use this powerful rail system for.   The Mytro itself is unique and with its long history, it’s not ready for change.   John provides the reader with lots of interesting history setting the stage for what is coming next and for that, some of the characters are put into motion and you are off and running. Make sure you catch the next train and don’t forget…… you’ll need a map. Can’t wait to see book two of the series leads me.

I won a copy of this book from BookLikes and John Biggs. Thanks!