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If I Ever Get Out Of Here

If I Ever Get Out of Here - Eric Gansworth

There was so much to take out of this book and I think the most powerful statement I walked away with, was to be proud of who you are, stand tall because no matter how miserable or shameful you think your life is, there is some good in it. Lewis is a smart kid who lives on an Indian reservation but he goes to a white school so he can take advance classes. Lewis is not well-accepted at the school and it isn’t until later that he discovers that his classmate’s parents had threatened their own children’s behavior, “Dump them off among the wild Indians if they’re bad and they can find their own way home.” I was shocked myself at the behavior and the way Lewis was treated at the school. The brutality and the loose-lips that individuals felt they had the right to throw around and the bullying he was subjected to. How some people can have a blind eye, just so they don’t have to deal with what is right in front of them. They disliked Lewis because of where he came from not because of who he was. One person befriends Lewis at school and this friendship sealed the book for me. I couldn’t decide later if it was how Lewis became a part of George’s whole family or just the boy’s relationship that sealed the deal for me but Lewis had a purpose even though other parts of his day were gray. You could see how Lewis was changing, he was getting a glimpse of life that he had never seen and it was a two-headed sword. As they try to find meaning in song lyrics, they like so many of us are trying to put ourselves on the map where we can belong and connect to others. Their connection was tight and brotherly, what makes everyone so different really?