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Broken by Lauren Layne

Broken: Flirt New Adult Romance (A Redemption Novel) - Lauren Layne

Whatever you do, don’t try to read this book while you’re out for lunch by yourself. The looks I got while trying to hold myself together was priceless but the hardest part for me was holding my comments and my emotions in check in public.   Broken had me in the very beginning pages and I was crazy for the characters of Olivia and Paul. Paul was a wounded vet from Afghanistan who has more than just physical wounds that he was dealing with. His intimidating demeanor has turned away countless caregivers but when lovely Olivia shows up, he’s met his match. Olivia has a job to do while secluded Paul tries to continue his life of brooding. Olivia fights back and their deep conversations become tense, flirtatious and the sparks fly. Their discussions are intense and driven, I felt so energized and moved by their exchange and the passion in the words. There is this drive, this hunger drawing them together and then repelling them from each other, Olivia and Paul, it was entertaining and heartbreaking to see them go through it. For no one is backing down and they are both grasping for control. These passionate exchanges say so much about the two of them but they are really both hiding behind something bigger. No subject is off the table for Olivia and she moves from one subject to another before Paul has a chance to catch his breath, she really is a handful. When things get hot between the two of them, the temperature flares. Sex, is like a link, a fine line to connect them but is that enough?


The conversations between Olivia and Paul were very impressive and say so much about these individuals. They are both driven and determined people that are used to getting their way which can’t really work in this relationship. Paul’s father picked Olivia and although he plays a small role in the book, he really plays a larger role in the outcome of these individuals. The steamy scenes with Olivia and Paul, yeah…..steamy, tantalizing and breathtaking. I want to say so much more about this book but I don’t want to ruin it for others. Outstanding, fantastic - this obviously will not be my last Lauren Layne book. I really love this book!


I received a complimentary e-book from NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review. Thank you.