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Oliver and the Seawigs

Oliver and the Seawigs - Philip Reeve, Sarah McIntyre

What a terrific tale this was with seawigs, merpeople, giants and a little boy named Oliver. This would be a wonderful bedtime story or read aloud and its one of those stories that can be read again and again. Oliver and his parents have lived the life of explorers and they have explored everything. They had run out of things to explore, so the family is going back to their home by the sea. After ten years, Oliver is excited about finally having a bed, going to school and have a stable home. As they round the bend, they see islands off the bay and his parents are thrilled! More exploring!! Knowing they can explore while still living at the house, Oliver feels okay about the islands but he still has mixed feelings about his parent’s strong regard to exploring. As Oliver unpacks, his parents leave to investigate the isles. At sundown, his parent’s dinghy returns with no inhabitants. Oliver doesn’t worry but springs into action and drops his own dinghy into the water to investigate. There is no turning back when I got this far into the book as the search for his parents became quite a production. Oliver ends up resting on a Rambling Isles and I myself, will never look at water logs the same again. Although Oliver’s Rambling Isle was made of stone, I assimilated his Isles to the pieces of wood that stick out of the river where we go kayaking. These pieces of wood sport small trees, grass, rocks, sticks and just about anything that float to them.   I have taken countless pictures of them when we are out, as each one of them is unique and now thanks to Oliver, they are now Rambling Isles to me. My imagination is stretched a bit further, thank you Mr. Reeve. As Oliver sit upon his Rambling Isle, he hears quite a few stories from a variety of characters and hold onto your seat cushions, the ride is going to get bumpy. They know something about his parents and Oliver is all ears. This is quite a performance for Oliver and he is determined to find his parents. Oliver talks with his new friends, about all the adventures he had with his parents and the love they have for one another. Oliver new acquaintances encourage him but it Oliver who says, “But there would be no point in going home without Mom and Dad. Without them, it wasn’t really home at all.” The language is smooth and I cannot tell you how much I loved the imagination that brought everything together. The pictures were artistic and free-flowing. I spent some time just looking at all the different things that the illustrator included in her work, some of the details were fun and they supplemented the story.  Oliver was clever in handling a bully; he was quite someone to be proud of. I hope this is not the last I see of Oliver.

Thank you Random House Children's Book and NetGalley for supplying me a copy of this book to review.