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Where the Stars Still Shine

Where the Stars Still Shine - Trish Doller

This was a smooth, easy read with characters that I felt I could relate to. As Callie’s life changed before my eyes, it was like a door opening up for her.   This door of opportunity had everything Callie hoped and dreamed for but in the back of Callie’s mind, she was waiting for a trap door to open and take her away. Callie lived in self-preservation mood and she should, considering the life that she led with her mother and the horrible encounters with Frank. It would be so hard to change your way of thinking when suddenly you are now able to depend on someone to lead you, support you and to catch you should you need it. Callie no longer needed to be self-supporting, yet to give this up, would mean attaching herself to others. We all build walls of some type and Callie had a lot of walls built. To break those walls would take some determination, some patience and some love. Callie learned a lot of things on her own as she adjusted to her new life and tried to change, and I liked that she didn’t have the attitude as she transitioned into her new role. She was a doer, even if some of her actions caused her to be irrational. I felt she needed to take these steps as it made her take charge of her own life and be accountable for her actions. A good example of this is the male relationships that Callie had in the book. While others had opinions of the guys she was hanging out with, Callie decided on her own what to do. She was hesitate at first on how to approach this difference of opinion and I wondered myself if this really had to do with her lack of experience with guys and friends in general and not just how other people were reacting to this situation. This was like a new world to Callie and she just needed to have time to adjust, to figure things out for herself and she needed the support of people who love her.