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Some Girls Are

Some Girls Are - Courtney Summers

Girls, they can be so hateful and back-stabbing when things don’t go their way or when people don’t fit into their circle. Instead of just walking away and enjoying their little piece of life, they sometimes decide they need to stand upon a stage and find a target. Unfortunately for this target, the beatings they face are so fierce, they are crying out in pain. Alone and scared, they hide inside themselves like turtles, just waiting to break free and live. For Regina, she was in, she belonged, at least she did until she confined in someone from outside the circle. She was desperate the night of the party, being the only one sober and she needed advice ASAP so she took it from Kara. Kara, she was one of the girls Regina and her friends targeted over the years and she existed, just waiting for her chance to break free from the taunting that the girls had layered on her. What Kara had Regina do was not good advice but Kara doesn’t care. Had Regina been smart, she should have stopped things and then it wouldn’t have gotten out of control but Kara was out for revenge and she got it. It just got deeper and deeper and I was fuming as I read thinking that Regina’s friends would turn on her so quickly. How had Kara turned her friends against her so fast? I know girls can be cruel but their actions towards one another and their tricks towards each other in this book, had me the so outraged me that I flew through this book. The emotions and the drama were compelling and cut deep. When Regina ends up at Michael’s lunch table, I knew something special was going to take place. Regina is like a fish-out-of-water as she doesn’t know how to be unpopular but being with Michael she is learning, one step at a time.


“Nothing bothers them and the things that might bother them are nothing.” (mean girls)