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Nearly Gone

Nearly Gone - Elle Cosimano

This wasn’t as suspenseful and dark as everyone led it up to be. I was prepared for this blow-my-socks-off, creepy escapade but this novel was more of a mystery than anything else. Why do they do this to me? The synopsis was stretching the truth on this one.

Leigh’s dream is to escape her current life by claiming the chemistry scholarship and leaving her high school years behind. With a mother working at Gentlemen Jim’s and living in a trailer park, Leigh wants a better life. There’s something special about Leigh that no one else knows and if her current life doesn’t call enough attention to her, this will. Obsessed with personal ads, she pours over them for a couple reasons. She first started to read them, hoping to find some connection to her father who walked out when she was young and now, she admits to reading them for the stories and the emotions between those lines. Leigh starts to connect a few random ad postings to murders that have occurred to people that she is connected to. It’s a game of cat and mouse and the bodies are stacking up.

Leigh was portrayed as a highly intelligent girl but some of her actions were just plain stupid. She had this special talent which could have been used to solve the problem but instead she becomes shy, timid and almost intimidated. She’s neck-in-neck at getting this scholarship and then she just melts. She has no reason to go this extreme; she withdraws and doesn’t fight like she has been to get the results and to end the chaos. I realize she might be scared but she had potential to help. Reece and Leigh had a great relationship in the book and I enjoyed how it developed along the way. I liked the way the author centered the book on science and math.