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The Revealed

The Revealed - Jessica Hickam

If Lily could only make it through this year.  This year seems like a lifetime yet it is only 356 days of her entire life but to celebrate her nineteenth birthday, it would be huge.  Her father’s presidential campaign would be over and hopefully she would have survived The Revealed.  The Revealed seems like a huge deal but it’s only part of the issue that Lily is facing.  Sneaking out to enjoy life without her parent’s approval, Lily starts to create a host of relationships that become problematic.  It wouldn’t be so bad if her face wasn’t so recognizable and she didn’t become such a spectacle wherever she went. Or if she was allowed to venture out now and then so she didn’t go crazy when she did step out the door.  So much is riding on this year, if only Lily can make her way through it.     

I was attracted to the connection with Kia and Lily in this book.  As they progressed through the book, I enjoyed watching their relationship change and towards the end of the book, the sci-fi aspect of the book helped bring closer.  The relationship between Lily and her parents, I thought the author did an excellent job handling that.  I liked that there was not a pretty pink bow tied on the end.  Sometimes things need to be the way they are.  The beginning of the book was slow for me, and I found myself not very interested in the book and confused about what exactly happened to get to where they were.  I noticed that after about halfway through the book things really started to pick up, the action took off and I couldn’t put down the book after that.    3.5 stars