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Black Moon - the world is suffering from insomnia

Black Moon - Kenneth Calhoun

Insomnia, it’s seems we all suffer from it sometime in our life or we know someone who has.  It’s that’s chronic inability to fall asleep, it’s persistent and it can also drive a person crazy.  In Black Moon, the world is gripped by insomnia; it is the end of sleep.  Humans are dying in a “fit of hallucinations and devastating physical and mental exhaustion” where only a few people are able to sleep and these few Sleepers are treated like a minority.  The reasons for this crisis is unknown and while scientists work on a remedy, the world is crashing. Appearances are thrown out the door and sentence structure is something used only in a world of the Sleeper as for now, the sleepless roams.  “You don’t go for so long all around and around if you’re who you said you are,” makes perfect sense to those who see the shadow people.  We follow the lives of a few individuals who are trying to outrun the illness for who gets touched by the hand of sleeplessness no one knows.  Imagine yourself trying to stay alive and trying to sleep and not get caught in a world that is awake 24/7 with a mystery disease that’s running fierce, the clock is ticking.  Black Moon, it’s an excellent sci-fi book.


I was captive by the running from a mystery illness while trying to sleep, as the rest of the world was awake.  The sleepless were watching and they knew, it was a chilling thought.  The actions and the words from the infected had me laughing at times.  Their uncaring attitude and demeanor was like a zombie apocalypse only these humans were alive.  I know when I am tired, I am not myself but for these sleepless who have not slept in weeks, it was funny yet scary.  To imagine such an outcome is entertaining yet something to think about.  Chase and Jordan were trying to take advantage of the pharmaceutical idea which seems like a good alternative since over-the-counter and prescription meds put people to sleep but they all have their drawbacks also.  Although there were many characters in the book, their journeys were all different and made the book so interesting and fun.  Some of the characters stories intertwined with each other also.  The creativity behind this story was fantastic and a wonderful read.