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Hushed - Kelley York

The things you do for love.  This story is incredible; bringing you into the depths of despair as you look into Archer's dark and twisted mind as he seeks justice then into hope, with Evan reaching out to Archer, patiently waiting for him.  Archer is seeking revenge against the people who hurt his best friend Vivian when they were kids.  Ticking the names off a hit list, Archer has a goal unbeknownst to Vivian. Vivian’s boyfriend Mickey abuses her and the two of them have a constant off-and-on relationship.  Archer can’t stand Mickey and he is the one who picks up the pieces after their constant battles.  Archer meets Evan, who is compassionate and a great friend for Archer.  Asking for nothing in return, Evan listens to Archer talk about his issues with Vivian and he learns about one of the hits he made against Vivian’s targets.  Archer just cannot let go of Vivian, he feels this connection to protect her even as she pushes against him. As Archer continues to set himself up for failure with Vivian, Evan tries to explain that to him as he waits for Archer to come around for him. Archer finally discovers that he wants Evan but Vivian is not ready to let him go.    As Vivian uncovers the truth about Archer’s doings, the book picks up speed and Archer is caught in the middle.  It’s a complicated romance, a story about relationships and a story that will leave you breathless.


Archer was so committed to Vivian; he was bound and determined to bring justice to the people who raped his best friend that night.  Archer didn’t like the fact that she changed after that night and I liked that the author added that into the story.  “The only person she ever wanted was me. Afterwards, everything changed. She changed.” As small as those statements were, they added something dramatic to both the characters of Vivian and Archer.  This story was gripping and intense, as Archer was trying to avenge Vivian’s attackers and Vivian was moving the men around in her life like checkers.    When Evan enters the picture, I thought Archer would see the light and run off with him but he was too attached at the heartstrings.   The things we do for love.