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This Star Won't Go Out - Must Read!

This Star Won't Go Out: The Life and Words of Esther Grace Earl - Esther Earl, Lori Earl, Wayne Earl, John Green

I have never cried this much over a book.  The tears were running down my cheeks, my eyes were clouding over, making the words difficult to read as they all ran into one another.  I was feeling all this emotion over a book that I could not put down, it was incredible.  I was so touched by This Star Won’t Go Out, the journey of a young girl who walked among us for such a short period of time and the lives that she touched.  As Ester’s battle with thyroid cancer is explained in this novel, I felt at a loss.  As I read from many of her friends, family, doctors and acquaintances, I regret that I never got to know Ester.  I’m sorry that many of you didn’t get to meet her too because I feel if you did, perhaps all of our lives would have changed for the better.  This memoir shows us that sixteen years is too short of a life to lead but in sixteen years, you can make a difference.  Ester lived a life of faith, she lived a life of love and she lived a life of giving back. It was so remarkable that one young person can have such a powerful and encouraging influence on so many people, and some of these individuals she personally did not even get to meet.  Her positive outlook and her energy when faced with such a bleak outcome was truly amazing.  Being diagnosed at the age of twelve, she tried to keep an optimistic outlook on life and tried to have others keep that same outlook.  With constant medical issues, doctor visits and procedures, Ester was a fighter.  Just writing this review brings tears to my eyes as she truly is one inspiring individual because that is who she wanted to be. She didn’t do it for fame and she didn’t do it for show, she did it for herself.  There are parts in the book that made me laugh as I the read the journals, the letters from friends and other materials that make up this 431-page book.  I am in awe at everything that this book contains and the quality of the book.  Photos, sketches, journal pages, letters and stories on thick paper outline Ester’s courageous war with her disease. Everyone should read her book; she gives you hope and inspiration.