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A sci-fi Christmas story

Jack: The Tale of Frost - Tony Bertauski

I liked Jack – it’s plain and simple.  Jack was not totally there, I mean he was cloned and when they cloned him they didn’t give him all of his memories so he was searching for answers.  Jack was determined to find out where he belonged and what had happened to him and in the end well, I can’t tell you what happened but I am glad I rooted for him because the conclusion was incredible.  Not your traditional Christmas story, Jack: The Tale of Frost is more of a science fiction tale with elven and some technical advances that not your typical Santa Claus can pull out of his magic sack.  A bit confused in the beginning of the book by the middle of the book, I got into the flow and was feeling frustrated as Jack tried to understand his dilemma.  As Mr. Frost tries to control his surroundings and Sura and Joe find their place, I tried to quicken my pace so I could put the players in their proper place….like I had that much control.  As the temperature dropped in Mr. Frost’s underground chambers, I grab my blanket and settle into an afternoon of cold twisted drama.   Thank you Tony for sending me a copy of this book to review.