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One night out and it changed her life forever.

My Life After Now - Jessica Verdi

This book tore at my heartstrings.  There were so many things about this book that I adored and wanted to savor and perhaps the one thing that can sum it all up is that it went outside the box.  While so many people want to dance around the subject matters that Verdi addresses head-on, the way she handles it was so true and real, I was totally elated and consumed by her words.  Lucy is having a bad week; I mean a really bad week.  Lucy is tired of the being Lucy and she’s ready for a transformation.  Out with the Old Lucy and in with a brand new Lucy.  While out at a club with her friends, Lucy is having the time of her life and the drinks just keep going down.  Eyeing a guy in the band, Lucy gets in over her head and wakes up the next morning in unfamiliar territory.  Lucy has been transformed but this transformation was not what she had in mind.   Lucy’s scared and she tries to keep her secret private. The world of HIV is so overwhelming with information that Lucy finally confides in her two fathers.    Yes, Lucy lives with her two fathers and their relationship is remarkable.  Lucy’s world just got complicated as her new disease affects her friends, boyfriends, high school, her college career, the list just goes on.  If only……..


If only teens could read this book and see how one night can affect the rest of their lives, how just “letting go” can bring about changing their life, how “it can’t happen to me,” can happen to someone who is not in the right mind set.  I loved all the characters in Lucy’s life and Verdi did an excellent job handling such diverse issues without preaching and hammering the subjects to death.  HIV is a tough subject as people don’t know the facts and the information out there is muffled if you don’t know where to look.  As she points out in the book, students hear the information but they don’t know really grasp the concepts.  An excellent book in my mind.


For mature readers as it deals with mature subject matter.