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Construction by Sally Sutton

Construction - Sally Sutton, Brian Lovelock

My grandson is into construction vehicles so I thought he’d like this book but he wasn’t a fan. He’s 2.5 years old and I wondered if it was because the book wasn’t focused solely on vehicles or if it was the book’s text. The book is focused on building a library so we had painters, plumbers, and movers, working with the construction team.


The first part of the book the construction team is getting the building ready. They’re digging the holes, poring the concrete, adding the walls and floors until they finally put the roof on. It’s now time for the inside of the building to get finished. Pipes, wires, paint, and furniture are added. Finally, the books are placed in their assigned spot, the door opens up wide, and a new adventure awaits.


I enjoyed the illustrations in this book as they’re bright and colorful. They don’t show a lot of detail but just enough to get the point across. The last page in the book has some Machine Facts which discuss the different trucks in the book. I thought the rhyming text was a bit too much for me. I can see some individuals liking it but the words on some of the pages, just didn’t make any sense to me and I had to do some eye-rolling. Some kids like this silly talk yet I thought other words could have been used which would have made more sense on these pages. It’s a good book to read about how a library is constructed and I think most children will enjoy it. 4 stars


“Build the frame. Build the frame.
Hammer all day long.
Make the stairs and floors and walls.
Bing! Bang! Bong!"


"Fill the holes. Fill the holes.
Let the concrete drop.
Spread it fast before it sets.
Sloosh! Slosh! Slop!"