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WIsh You Were Here by Jodi Picoult

Wish You Were Here: A Novel - Jodi Picoult


Do you want to hear a great story?!  I read this; I really did!  I won’t give too much of the story away in case you want to read it but it’s super good and it’s crazy!  So……anyways!  Here goes…….


This couple has been saving up for this trip for a long, long time and finally, they’ve saved enough money to go.  They book their trip, the money is there, they took the time off work, they’re all set.  They’re both super excited to go and then, yep…..you got it.   Something happened!!  One of them can’t go. The boyfriend is a surgical resident at the hospital and he has to work.  Now what?


He insists that she go without him.  She shouldn’t have the miss the trip because he has to work. She doesn’t want to go without him but the trip is nonrefundable, it’s all paid for and she has the time off.  Whatcha’ think?  Should she go?  Would you?  He’s insisting that she go, so she goes. 


So, what you thinking?  A romantic story? Not really.


Let me finish this, there’s only a small boat to get to the island where they were going to stay.  As the boat pulls up to the island, she’s informed that the boat is headed back to the mainland and this will be the last boat for quite some time.  The island is shutting down.  Think fast!  Stay on the island or stay on the boat and go back to the mainland.  She’s come this far and she’s not turning back. 


I would have done the same thing.  Probably not the best decision but how do you know?  She’s now on this fantastic, planned vacation complete with her booked hotel that is now closed, all eating and tourist sites closed and she doesn’t speak the countries language. This is supposed to be a fantastic vacation?!   She tries to make the best of it, she really does and I loved it!   As the community opens up to her, I just couldn’t get enough of this book.  It’s like she’d finally discovered life’s meaning, she’s becoming a part of something bigger.  Yet, somehow, her boyfriend is connecting with her which is tugging at her heart pulling her back to him. Keeping this rope tied to him while on the island, she’s learning to fly. 


I felt she was really breathing, on the island though.  When she reconnected to the mainland, her breath was labored and stressed.  There were numerous times I found myself talking/yelling out-loud to her as I listened to this book, advising her cut the strings from the mainland and move to the island.  How could she not continue on with this great path that she had found?  So, what happened?   That’s all I’m telling you but this is just the start of her story, my friend.  It is just the start. 


What a fantastic story!  The author threw me for some loops in this book and I fell for them. I had to pick my jaw off the floor for a few of them and I had to tell my husband every last detail of this book whether he wanted to hear it or not as I was super excited about this one.  I can see why this one has been so popular.  5 stars for sure!!