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Barefoot Contessa at Home

Barefoot Contessa at Home: Everyday Recipes You'll Make Over and Over Again - Ina Garten, Quentin Bacon

This cookbook has about a handful of recipes that I’d be willing to try but the majority of recipes are for dishes that I typically wouldn’t eat or even prepare for others at my house.  They didn’t seem everyday to me. I’m not an adventurous eater nor do I stick to a routine when it comes to recipes but I guess you could say, that I have some limitations when it comes to food.  Here are some of the dishes that I think sound delicious: Caesar club sandwich, maple baked beans, summer garden pasta, honey white bread, garlic & herb tomatoes, old-fashioned potato salad and tomato, mozzarella & pesto panini.   That left is plenty other recipes that someone else might find appealing, recipes such as parmesan-roasted cauliflower, peanut butter & jelly bars, blue cheese coleslaw, stuffed cabbage, fresh pea soup, shrimp bisque and lemon fusilli with arugula.  These are just a few examples of the many recipes that are included in this book.


Ina gives us plenty of personal information in this book beginning in the intro and at the beginning of each of the sections.  Ina has included 6 food sections in this book, an intro, a credits sections, an “if you’re visiting the hamptons” … section, a menu section, and two indexes.


The food section consists of: soup & sandwich, salads, dinner, vegetables, dessert, and breakfast.   There are 14-17 recipes included in each section.  For each recipe you will discover a picture of the prepared dish, how many the dish will serve, a small paragraph describing the dish, a list of ingredients and step-by-step directions.  There is a picture to accompany each recipe which to me is a big plus. You will not find any nutritional information nor how much the serving size is or many total cups the whole recipe yields.  I really wish cookbooks would include either the total cups or the serving size per person as that really helps me when I am cooking.  Sometimes I can tell by looking at the list of ingredients but sometimes, it’s hard to tell.  The pictures make the recipes look delicious!


In the “if you’re visiting the hamptons…” section Ina highlights some of the places in the Hamptons that are her favorites.  From farmstands, places to eat, to places to visits, there are pages listing the establishment, the address and what makes this business so special.   Using this cookbook, Ina puts together some of the recipes and creates menus for different occasions under the Menu section.  From a holiday dinner, to a birthday breakfast, to a summer BBQ, Ina puts the dishes together for you.  There are 2 indexes which I like in cookbooks.  One is the general index and one is the recipe index.  Another big plus for me in this cookbook.  For content, I would give this cookbook a 2 for me but for the other aspects that I look for in a cookbook, I would give it a 4.5.