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The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld

The Rabbit Listened - Cori Doerrfeld

This book is so cute! The relationship between Taylor and the animals was adorable. Do you listen? I mean really listen. It might take a while. Are you willing to wait and hear the whole story?

Taylor had made an amazing structure out of blocks but as he's admiring it a flock of black crows knocks it down. Devasted, Taylor is sad, mad, upset…...you name it, Taylor is feeling it. One-by-one different animals come walking up to Taylor to offer him advice about the destruction. From the chicken who wanted Taylor to "talk, talk, talk about it!" to the bear who wanted Taylor to "shout about it! Garrr!" because he thought Taylor had to be angry about it, I thought this book was adorable. Every animal had a different way for Taylor to deal with the issue. Taylor listens to the animals but he doesn't follow their advice so each of the animals leave, leaving Taylor alone.

Finally, a rabbit hops in and snuggles next to Taylor. The rabbit says nothing but Taylor can feel the rabbit next to him. Taylor likes the rabbit and eventually Taylor starts talking to the rabbit. The rabbit and Taylor form this close bond as Taylor continues talking, moving, yelling, etc. as the rabbit listened. You need to see the illustrations to appreciate this book. It's the energy in this book, the feelings that we all can relate to, great illustrations and the relationship that the two of them form, that make this a great book.