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We Need More Nuts!

We Need More Nuts! - Jonathan Fenske

Two squirrel brothers are out picking up nuts, only one of the brothers is getting a bit carried away with how many nuts, he is collecting. I thought this Level 2 Reader book included some pretty funny illustrations as the little brother was stuffing the bigger brother's mouth full of the nuts while the bigger brother looked like he was ready to pop! Bigger brother looked as if he couldn't handle one more nut inside his mouth but little brother kept shoving them in, all the while, counting them for us readers. At first, big brother liked having all the nuts but later, enough was enough!

I liked the word recognition of the numbers in this book (we get 1 and one, 2 and two, etc. ), the different font types used within the book, and I thought the illustrations were comical. I can see how children would think this book is funny. The book counts from 1-24.