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The Girl With the Louding Voice

The Girl with the Louding Voice - Abi Daré

All fourteen-year Adunni wanted was an education but her father had other plans for her.  He had promised her mother that Adunni would be attending school but that was before her mother passed away and the rent became due. Now, Adunni’s bride price was dismissing both of the promises that he had made to his wife about Adunni’s future.   


Adunni will become wife number three to Morufu. A third wife!  I cringed when I thought of what that must have been like for her. To enter an established household with two other women and four young children already running around. As Adunni enters the house, it was a bit better than I had thought it would be.  She’s not able to stay long, as a tragic event sends her packing and she is off to Lagos. 


Adunni has always dreamed of going to Lagos but currently, she cannot follow those dreams as she must find a way to survive.  Finding work with Big Madam, she finds the mansion impressive as she arrives for work, until she realizes that she’ll be a housemaid inside that mansion.  Adunni days remain dark, as Big Madam relentlessly controls her, “expect me to clothe you and accommodate you for substandard work, do you?”


Adunni knows that she needs her education.  She’s been out of school for too long and she knows that it’s her only way out of these dark days, that have become her way of life. An awaking begins to occur within Adunni and things start to change in the book. 


I didn’t love this book as much as other individuals did.  I did enjoy the book and the storyline.  I guess the main issue I had was that the story didn’t captive me and draw me in.  This is an interesting story with great characters, it just didn’t grab me like I thought it would.  3.5 stars