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Sumokitty - David Biedrzycki
He was just a hungry kitty looking for food when he met up with the sumo wrestlers. He'd sneak in and eat their leftovers after they finished their meals each day. Kitty was soon offered a job at the heya (training center) and he doesn't have to sneak around the heya any longer.

Kitty was good at his new job, actually he was very good and it began to have a negative effect on Kitty's appearance. It got to the point where it started to affect Kitty's job but he just couldn't do anything about it. Or could he? He's had an ideal opportunuty right in front of him this whole time yet he hadn't realised it until now. It might take some hard work and lots of disapline but within Kitty there lives a SumoKitty.

I learned a lot about sumo wrestling while reading this book, which was interesing and included more specific words than I realized. This story had some humorous moments which the ilustrations do an excellent job emphasizing. This was an entertaining read and I thought there were some great messages in the book.. The illustrations were fun and they definitely added to this story. 4.5 stars