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LIttle Elliott, Big Fun

Little Elliot, Big Fun - Mike Curato, Mike Curato

This is the best Little Elliot book yet. Little Elliott and Mouse are going to the far edge of the city to the amusement park. I thought Mouse would be the one with issues being the smaller one but Little Elliot is just not liking the looks of what Mouse likes. Mouse seems to like the adventurous rides and he like all the different sights of the park but not Little Elliot.

I liked that Mouse didn't get upset with Little Elliott when he didn't like what Mouse liked. I liked that Mouse accepted Little Elliot's fears and insecurities. Little Elliot did try to have fun after being scared at first and by the end of the book, they had a great time together and the ending was so sweet. The ending is what makes them best friends. You can have differences and still have fun together and be best friends. What a great book!