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The Tiny Chef

The Tiny Chef: and da mishing weshipee blook - Rachel Larsen

I don't know what led me to pick up this book but it's cute. Tiny chef lives in the bottom of a tree stump and I loved the inside of his house. His pans are made out of bottle caps and it looks-like thimbles and his chairs are spools of thread. The house is quite quaint and homey but right now, it's a mess! Because it's the first day of fall, Tiny chef is getting ready to prepare a special dish to eat and right now, he can't find the recipe book that has the recipe in it. Tiny Chef is looking everywhere! He's getting quite upset as he needs that book, it has all his favorite recipes. Realizing that he's not getting anywhere in his searching, he decides that he needs to do something else for a minute and that's when, Tiny Chef makes a big discovery.

I enjoyed following Tiny Chef through this process and the ending made me laugh, as I think we all can relate to Tiny Chef and what Tiny Chef learned. The illustrations were enjoyable and entertaining and weren't too busy. I normally don't care for these types of illustrated books but I liked how the illustrations were faded out in the back as I thought they helped to concentrate the story more and provided just enough detail. A great read and highly recommended.