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Lights on Wonder Rock

Lights on Wonder Rock - David Litchfield
This book was dreamy. As a young girl. she had dreams of going into outer space, so she sat on Wonder Rock with her flashlight, staring into the dark sky. If only, the aliens would see her flashlight and take her back to their home. Off and On. Off and On. Off and On, she clicked her flashlight. Then, it happened! A bright light lit up the sky and Heather face beamed. The alien was friendly and Heather was so happy! Yet, while inside the alien's spaceship, Heather discovered that perhaps living in outer space with the aliens, wouldn't be so great. She has waited so long for this chance but now, Heather is having second thoughts.

The illustrations in this book are terrific. I love how they were broken up into different sizes and the detail is fantastic. This is a larger size book which works perfectly for some of the illustrations. This book is a gem! Check out this book as I highly recommend it. I think many of us have dreamed of visiting the aliens in outer space.