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The List of Things That Will Not Change

The List of Things That Will Not Change - Rebecca Stead

What a great book about what is not “normal” can be perfectly normal, if you allow it to be. Armed with the notebook that her parents gave her, Bea finds that since her parents have divorced, life has become complicated. Why can’t things be simple like they used to be, why must everything be so confusing now? Bea’s finding out that adjusting to change is hard. Bea needs to discover, how to accept the changes in her life.


When Bea’s parents announced that they were divorcing, they handed her a notebook. Inside that notebook, contained a written, short list of items which they wrote to Bea, of Things That Will Not Change in her life, once they split up. Since then, Bea has added many things to that list. It was nice to see the character of Bea reflect upon this list and to add her ideas to it.


Seeing a counselor, Bea also talks about her feelings and gets help managing her anxiety. Life is not the same since her parent’s divorce nor will it be the same ever again. This will take some time to get used to for everyone involved. What she has now, is a new family and that’s what she needs to understand. I enjoyed the character of Bea as she was an honest, sincere, ten-year old girl just trying to adjust to the changes in her life.  4.5 stars