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Weekend break

I spent my weekend, helping the less fortunate during this crisis so I didn't get to read anything.  A group of us women, deliver the Sunday supper, the last Sunday of the month, to a temporary shelter which typically house up to 40 individuals including children.  Currently,  they have 23 adults and children staying at their two locations and their need is great now, as we're to practice social distancing and many places in the city are closed. 


They were asking for supplies, activities for the kids, crafts, games, in addition to food on their social media page so Instead of helping with the meal this month, I decided to help in the other areas. I really didn't think it would take all weekend but it was worth it. 


I located a woman who was moving in the town next to us and she was having a sale by appointment.   I went on Saturday morning and shopped while she stood off in the distance and watched.  Wearing gloves, I held up items and she told me prices and I made a pile., my truck was full when I left, with items that were $1-$3 each.  When I got home, I then sanitized each item and left them outside to dry.  I washed each Memory card in the Memory games, each puzzle piece, and  I soaked every block, and washed out each box.  I got other games, toys, and stuffed animals. So many goodies!  It was time-consuming but gosh, I had to keep everyone safe.  I purchased some games, colors, coloring books, cards, soap, and cleaning supplies at Walmart and added them to the pile.


I found some extra crafts that I have done with the kids at the library's summer program, so I printed out some directions for them and added them to the growing pile.  To finish it off,  I added some children's chapter books, nonfiction books, picture and reader books that I had in my basement.  I had quite a huge stack of stuff!  I was really excited that the kids would have something fun to do to keep them busy and the adults would have some supplies for a while.  It felt good to do something to help someone else.  And now,  I can get back to reading......