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Roly Poly

Roly poly - Mem Fox
What a cute story! Roly Poly is living a terrific life with his mom and dad. He has everything he has ever wanted. Then, one day a stranger appears in his bed and now, this stranger invades his space ALL THE TIME! I
liked how innocent Roly Poly’s little brother Monty was. He followed Roly Poly around, it seemed as though, Monty just wanted to be with his big brother. Roly Poly didn’t see it that way though and he was rather annoyed, until one day Monty needed his help. Roly Poly tried to ignore Monty’s again (like he’d been doing) but he just couldn’t and well, the ending is really sweet. I
t’s a delightful book and I think most kids will really like it and I think it’s a great book for families. I did wonder about why little Monty was sharing a bed with Roly Poly. Would older children question this same thing (cribs, beds, etc.)? Then again, all families do some things differently and perhaps this is just something this family does.
The illustrations were fun and I enjoyed looking at all the details that were put into some of them. The text is bold and easy to read. Would make a good read aloud.