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Spencer's New Pet

Spencer's New Pet - Jessie Sima
I loved this book! Absolutely loved this wordless book! I don’t usually love wordless, picture books so much but this one won my heart.
It’s told like a silent movie which opens up with Part 1: The Pet. It begins with a boy and a dog. The illustrations are black-and-white except for the dog which is portrayed as a red, balloon dog. The boy is so happy to have the dog! We see him walking out the circus tent with his dog on the end of a string. He teaches the dog tricks and goes to the vet. In Part ll: The Park, the boy takes his dog to the park where the boy realizes that his dog is fragile and might get popped! Oh no! He tries to hold onto his dog but……later, we see the boy chasing him throughout the park.
In Part lll: The Party, the duo is still running through the park and they run into a kid’s birthday party being held in the park. I’m holding my breath as he chases his dog through the festivities. What happens in the end, I can’t tell you, I won’t tell you! Please don’t peak at the ending for it will spoil the whole fun of the book. It was wonderful, truly magnificent book, I thought! High praises for this wordless, picture book! 5 stars