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A Bazaar Of Bad Dreams

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams: Stories - Stephen King
This was one great collection of stories! I listened to them in my car as I drove around and there were many, that after I got done listening to them, had earned the title of the “best story in the whole book” award. I would like to revisit this title in the near future.
I had heard a few of these titles before yet to listen to hours of King’s work was a treat. I liked how King narrated the novel, telling me a bit about each book before that book was read by another individual. This gave a personal touch to the novel and I felt we had made a connection. His stories still amaze me, they each just reach that boundary which we normally don’t cross. We don’t venture too far into this area but just enough to make the experience worthwhile.
It was a long book, the CD’s just kept coming out of the case but it was well worth it. I’ll definitely revisit King Bad Dreams in the future.