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Mixtape Potluck Cookbook

Mixtape Potluck Cookbook - Questlove
I liked the idea about this cookbook and in the introduction, it is explained in detailed how this cookbook came about. It’s a song inspired potluck. A song is selected and individuals are invited to prepare/cook something as the tune played. The dish didn’t have to reflect what they were listening to, it was just a reflection of the person preparing the dish. This sounded like an entertaining way to prepare some food, get friends together and get to know one another.
I was entertained with the music choices for some of the individuals chosen for the book. Martha Stewart’s Grape Focaccia’s was paired with Snoop Dog’s “Life of Da Party” and a cocktail prepared by Dave Arnold called Red Skies at Night featuring white run, wildberry honey, red chile flakes and vegetable glycerin that was paired with “Sounds of Silence” by the Beastie Boys. This cocktail looked good until I read the ingredients, as it reminded me of a drink I used to drink, the Slow Comfortable Screw. I guess I got tired of the orange juice.
It’s a very organized cookbook: with the recipes broken down into categories and there is even a list of guests that are included in the book. There’s an index and some tips on how to create your own playlist. Every recipe in the book has an illustration and I enjoyed reading the little paragraphs that accompanied each recipe about how the song was chosen. It was an interesting and fun cookbook and I enjoyed reading the Afterward and Introduction. Unfortunately, the recipes were nothing that I would fix. Spinach Pie, Tuna Pasta a la Popowendy, Thit Kho Tau, Bourbon Raspberry Tea- those are just a few random pages of the book. I did enjoy the book; the idea was fantastic but the recipes were not of my liking.