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The Deep

The Deep - Rivers Solomon
It was cover love that brought me to this book. After reading the synopsis, I knew that I had to read it. I was amazed how short this book was, yet the story had everything that I was looking for. Yetu needed to find her own life for the honor that was bestowed upon her was difficult.
She was the chosen one. Yetu was chosen to be the historian of her people. You would think, that being selected out of everyone else would be a blessing, yet to Yetu, this wasn’t. To be elected as the historian, Yetu wore this title like a weight. It dragged her down, deeper than she could handle.
As the historian, Yetu collected all the memories of the Wajinru people. Yetu’s job was to hold onto these memories so that they wouldn’t be forgotten throughout the years.
As I read about this, I thought about letting go of my own memories. Imagine, letting go of your memories, can you function? I think my day would be carefree and cold as I feel that my memories play a huge role in who I am and how I function and react each day. I wonder who I would be without my memories.
Now, think about Yetu. She carries all the memories of her people. The good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. What a gift and what a burden to know so much information. Yetu knows that being a historian is too much for her but what can she do, she was chosen and she has all the memories?
Yetu is late. The time for the Remembrance has passed and the Wajinru people are restless. Yetu must perform the Remembrance for them and give them the reassurance they need but more importantly, this event will give her some peace. I was hoping that Yetu would talk to the Wajinru and explain her situation, she was in a position of power, they would listen, wouldn’t they?
I really enjoyed this novel. I became a part of Yetu’s journey as she learns more about herself and the Wajinru. I enjoyed the flow of the book and the historical aspects used within it. I am hoping there will be more of this story.
I received an advanced copy of this book from Saga Press in exchange for an honest review.