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Mrs. Everything

Mrs. Everything - Jennifer Weiner
There were times that I found myself absorbed into the lives of these two sisters, that I took a break from my own life, sat down and became a part of theirs. This book covered a lot time and the issues were staggering. They led an exciting and eventful trail as they made their way through life.
I listened to this book on audio and as I tried to go about my day, I found myself stopping to listen to it. It was no longer, just something to listen to, but something I had to hear.
The novel began when these sisters were young, their future had endless possibilities. Unfortunately, their mother thought differently, and boy, did she irritate me. Each sister tells us their story and about how each day brought new challenges and adventures into their lives.
I liked how each sister’s life was different. Between the two of them, they addressed almost every important issue that women face. I thought that this made their lives interesting. I enjoyed how the girls cared for one another even though they were so different from one another. This book is rather long and I feel that it could’ve been shorter and still effectively deliver the same message. 3.5 stars