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Mrs. Fletcher

Mrs. Fletcher - Tom Perrotta
I don’t understand all the hype about this book. Eve reminded me of no one special, just a typical middle-aged woman who is coming to terms with her own life. Her son, Brendan is headed off to college where he feels life will be like those comedy videos he must have watched while a teen. In reality, they both get a reality adjustment, and come to terms with what they really want and need in life
. As I read this book, I really couldn’t understand why this book was getting all the excitement I have been hearing. Eve is going to be an empty-nester, a single mid 40’s, empty-nester which is going to be a major adjustment. Realizing that she’s going to need something to occupy her time, she signs up for a college course (great idea) but she also finds something else that starts to occupy her time. Online porn. Eve is embarrassed by her new online fascination but not embarrassed enough to quit.
Meanwhile, Brendan is getting settled into his college dorm and finding that partying all the time is taking a toll on his classes. Brendan doesn’t understand why others don’t want to “party” as they attend their lectures and study for their classes. This is not what Brendan had pictured when he imaged going to college, why is everyone so serious about these college classes?
I thought it was funny how both mother and son had similar yet different experiences. They each had something they needed to live through to gain them valuable insight.
I don’t think this book was a good fit for me but I read it for a book club read. It was an okay read.