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Shhh! I'm Reading!

Shhh! I'm Reading!  - John Kelly
This was a cute, oversized, children’s book with very busy illustrations. The illustrations alone are worth checking this book out. From pirates, to penguins, to an octopus named Flabulon, this book’s illustrations are fun to look at and admire. The story I thought was just okay, as I wished Bella would have acted differently.
The book centers around a wet and windy Sunday afternoon. Bella normally plays with her toys on Sundays but today, Bella is absorbed into reading her book. One-by-one her toys approach her to ask if she is ready to play their normal Sunday activities with her but each time, she tells them that she can’t play today as she is reading. Bella gets more annoyed and angrier as the toys approach her.
The illustrations show the amazing time that Bella has with each of the toys, as they each reminisce playing with her, as they talk with her about playing. Bella though, continues to read her book. The toys then gather in the corner by her bookshelf, taking five and trying to be quiet as Bella commanded them to do, just waiting for her to be finished. Why she couldn’t read out-loud to them or be nicer to them, I don’t know but I thought she was rather rude and mean to them.
So, what will happen when she’s done reading? Will her toys want to play with her then? You’ll be surprised.