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Lock Every Door

Lock Every Door - Riley Sager
Lock every door, if only that were the answer. I found myself, burning the midnight oil, racing through the final pages of this book. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I read the final sentence of this book, for that would finally put my mind at ease.
I liked how the story started out; giving me a glimpse into the character’s current situation and then, I was slowly introduced into the rest of the story-line. Day-by-day the details intensified until I was completely under the books control. What happens when I finally got caught up to what was presently occurring in the book, I really didn’t care, for I was really enjoying the suspense in this book and trying to figure out some questions that I had. This large novel was becoming smaller by the minute!
When Jules took the job as a house sitter at the Bartholomew, I didn’t know what to expect. Making $12,000 for 3 months of house-sitting was quite extraordinary but depending on the circumstances, that amount of money might just be right for some people. The rules that Jules had to abide by were crazy but again, they were only for 3 months. The no talking to anyone at the complex unless they spoke to you first rule was one rule that I would have a really hard time abiding by. I’m a talker and I like to make eye-contact, so no talking would mean I would probably have to look at the floor so I am not tempted to say something. Talk about antisocial behavior.