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Burial Rites

Burial Rites - Hannah Kent
I was surprised how much I liked listening to this novel. It felt dark and as the story continued, I started to have feelings for the woman who was just waiting for her sentence to be carried out.
The farmer’s wife was not too happy to have this prisoner in her house but she had no choice. They choose their house and now, they had to deal with it. Agnes was not supposed to be there long, for she was sentenced to death for her crime. When they brought Agnes, I loved the way the wife took charge over the situation. She was not having this prisoner contaminate her house and the guards upset her household. She seemed strong and determined, as she looked over the prisoner that was before her.
As the story progressed, the characters seemed to transform. We hear the truth and I began to have a change of heart. Did Agnes really commit the crime, that they said she did? That’s the question that really needs to be answered here.
I liked the darkness of the novel and how the story progressed. She was a prisoner yet it there were times, I couldn’t see it and then, we had to remember what they said happened. There was something about how the story was written, for when I listened to it, the words just flowed out and the images were right beside them.
I really wished that I would have read this novel instead of listened to it as I had a hard time with the audio. I thought the main character was flirty. Why? I thought the narrator’s voice had an accent which translated to the main character and in this dark novel, it didn’t sit well with me considering her situation. It’s just me, but this effected how I felt emotionally towards the characters too. I would like to reread this novel in the future to hopefully get more connected with the characters. A great story!  4.5