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Not My Father's Son - audio

Not My Father's Son: A Memoir - Alan Cumming
I listened to this book on audio and I felt overwhelmed at times at how emotional this story was. I am not familiar with this actor but his story was an emotional one and I was glad that he had his brother with him for the most part, for Alan dealt with some heavy issues. This book uncovers some powerful discoveries and his relationships as he was growing up.
Alan talks about his abusive father and the ways his father would provoke him as he was growing up. I could still hear the emotions in the author’s voice as he spoke about it and I could feel the pain that was inflicted upon him. It wasn’t until many years later, that Alan along with his brother, did something about what occurred all those years and I was glad that they did. For they finally “did something.”
The book was not all depressing as Alan does tell us about some happy and fun moments in his life. I liked when he talked about his brother. They had both experienced life under that roof so they knew what had actually occurred, they had that bond. You can’t take that away and they were able to talk about it and be honest.
This is not a light book but I think it’s a book that provides hope to others.