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Celebrate You!

Celebrate You! - Sherri Duskey Rinker, A.N. Kang
I like this cute, rhyming book as it’s filled with positive, high energy that would make any person feel good. It’s a book to share with someone that you’re proud of, that you love, or you’re happy to be with because it speaks to anyone who is admired and appreciated.
The story’s illustrations are centered around a sweet, little penguin yet they never mention the word penguin in the script. The script uses the word “you” when mentioning the penguin throughout the text, so that the book can be related to any individual who is reading this beautiful book. 
It mentions the struggles and the challenges that were faced. The dreams that desired. It talks about how strong and committed you were along the way and how we feel about you as you “aim for the sky!”
The illustrations were lively and full of love and I liked all the positive vibes I got off the book. There were lots of great adjectives in the book. A wonderful book.