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The Perfect Mother

The Perfect Mother - Aimee Molloy
As I listened to this audio, I was almost jealous of the May Mothers as they gathered together. The tie that bound these mothers together was the month that their babies were to be born in. Other than that, these were mothers/women who were committed to getting together with each other, to socialize. When its finally suggested that these women take a night out for themselves without their children, the novel really picks up.
Each May Mothers had their own agenda for their night out together. They’re finally getting some time to get to know each other personally, as the night starts to slip by. They’ve become a unit, these May Mothers. They’re no longer separate individuals but they’re united and they look out for one another as if they’ve been friends for years.
This casual, fun-filled night comes to a halt when one of the mother’s babies is reported missing. What!?! What happened? I loved how the characters flew into action. Comforting, questioning, pondering, and investigating when it seemed like the authorities weren’t doing enough.
I had a few ideas floating around in my head as the investigation was underway but the ending was a surprise to me. I hadn’t planned on that. I liked how the women came together and how their relationships evolved in the novel. This was more of a mystery novel to me than a thriller as I didn’t feel the intensity or any sinister feelings while listening to it. I did enjoy listening to it.