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Supers (Supers #1) - Frédéric Maupomé
Oh, I’m definitely going to stick by this series. I really enjoyed this children’s graphic novel as it had a lot of great feels to it. An explosive beginning, an interesting and intriguing story and a conclusion that makes me want to read more.
This graphic novel begins with, literally a large building on fire. Someone is missing as the building goes up in flames. There are two masked individuals running around inside the building and suddenly, they hear something. Was it the person they were looking for? We don’t know, for the fire explodes and the story flashes back in time.
It’s now four days earlier and we’re introduced to Matt and his two younger siblings. They’ve all just had their first day at their new schools. They seem like typical children yet they’re not human. They’ve come from another planet and they’re trying to fit in. They’ve been abandoned by their parents and unfortunately, Matt is the only one who has memories of the parents.
Matt, Lily, and Benji also have special abilities. They would fit right in with the Super Heroes, if they could. There’s a conflict among the siblings on whether they should use their specials talents or not. What if the humans find out they have special abilities, what would be the complications? Is it worth it?
I found plenty to enjoy about this graphic novel. I thought the issues these siblings had to deal with were real and although the siblings were not human, the issues were ones that anyone could identify with: being new, being picked on, having siblings, having to weigh your options, and emotions. I also liked the ending of the novel; it was a nice cliffhanger. It wasn’t a huge one but one that intrigues me enough to want to pick up book #2. I also liked the sibling’s relationships. It wasn’t perfect. It was filled with tension, arguing, respect, fun and love. It felt real. The illustrations and the flow of the novel was fantastic. The novel had a nice feel to it and it was entertaining. I can’t wait to see what happens to Matt and his siblings in the next book in this series.