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Halloween With Morris and Boris

Halloween With Morris and Boris - Bernard Wiseman
Ok, I'm a big Morris the Moose fan. I think he's just as funny as Amelia Bedelia. He gets words or ideas twisted up inside his head and well, he just says what he thinks. What he ends up saying is prety silly and someone is usually there to help correct him.
In this small holiday picture book, Morris is with his good friend Borris the Bear and Morris wants candy. In the beginning, Boris tries to explain to his friend what Halloween is, as there are Jack-O-Lanterns and children outside going trick-or-treating. Boris has his hands full trying to explain all the different things to Morris about Halloween but when he mentions candy, Morris wants to play the game, Trick-or-Treat. They need to find costumes and soon, the two friends are on their way, knocking on doors, trying to get some treats. It's a fun little book that I think is comical and talks about Halloween.