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Sheets - Brenna Thummler
The cover of this book grabbed my attention as I was cleaning my graphic novel section of the library, so I picked it up. As I started to read it, I thought this novel had potential but as I read it, I started to wonder what exactly was happening.
There are three stories that are intermingled together somehow in this graphic novel. There is the main story of Marjorie whose mother has died and whose father is now depressed. Marjorie is running her mother’s laundromat to keep the family floating, taking care of her younger brother Owen and trying to juggle school.
A Mr. Saubertuck wants to buy the laundromat and convert it a different business but Marjorie is devoted to keeping her mother’s business alive. Wendell arrives one day but Marjorie treats him like dirt and calls him stupid, afterall he is a ghost and ghosts aren’t real.
Wendell tries to help Marjorie, even after the way that she treats him which creates some drama. I thought this was a terrific set up: a friendly ghost meets a human who needs help in a variety of ways. Only, as I was reading, I was getting baffled for the stories weren’t flowing that well for me. I thought at times, they seemed choppy.
One of the other stories dealt with Marjorie at school. I had mixed feeling about this story as Marjorie is amongst her peers. The other story is about the ghost and his life since crossing over. These are important parts of the story but definitely take up less space in the novel.
I did enjoy the details in the illustrations, the variety of characters, and the overall storyline. I loved how Marjorie was committed to her mother’s business even after her mother’s passing. Seeing Marjorie in the illustrations and reading about her, I felt that a person had to have some emotional feelings towards her as they read, she was going through so much.