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The Other Woman

The Other Woman - Sandie Jones
I have to agree that this novel was addictive. For once I started it, there was no turning back and I couldn’t get this novel out of my head. My emotions swayed as the events played out and I started to think they were all crazy. Who would stay in such a crazy, mixed-up situation and put up with all this drama? Was the prize actually worth it in the end?
Emily had a successful career but her love life was nonexistent. After work one night, she meets an easy-going guy at the bar and this is the beginning of their relationship. Throughout the novel, I wondered why she continued her relationship with Adam as the drama intensified and her frustration mounted.
I felt Emily had a lot going for her before she met Adam: friends, family, career, and money. Was it so important for her to have a guy, especially Adam? I began to make a mental list as I read, shaking my head and yelling at her, “Why this guy Emily?” “Get out! Run, Emily, run, open your eyes.” I thought perhaps she stayed with Adam because of what happened with her last boyfriend, perhaps it was his easygoing mannerism, perhaps she felt attracted to him or it could even have been her desire to win as events started to heat up around them. Me, I would have walked away. Emily found a reason that she wanted Adam, and she was willing to stand by his side.
Prammie, Adam’s mother got under my skin. I wondered why she treated Emily the way she did. Did Prammie know something no one else knew? Or was it just Prammie? Was Emily paranoid?
My head was spinning with questions as I read. There needed to be a third party examining this situation but everyone seemed to be bias. As other characters were introduced into the mix, I read how they fit into the picture and things started to fan out but I just couldn’t put my finger on what was really happening.
I love a novel that can get me riled up and I end up hollering at the characters. Prammie got me riled up good in this novel, I wanted to lock her up! I was glad the Emily had some great friends to lean on because she needed someone. I enjoyed putting the pieces of this novel together.