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I Owe You One

I Owe You One - Sophie Kinsella
I have read a few of Sophie’s novels before so I thought I knew what I was getting into, but this novel was different. When I read the main character’s nickname and figured out that we would be referring to that throughout the entire novel, that threw me for a loop, Fixie? Really? Sophie, I know you can do better. This novel had its highs and lows and all-in-all, I have to say that it was an OK read.
Let’s start with what I liked, I enjoyed the parts of the novel where Fixie started to realized her self-worth and she exerted herself. I believe this began when she visited a nearby coffee shop and begins a long exchange with Sebastian. Sebastian made Fixie feel alive again and she wasn’t just going through life. Sebastian helps her realize her potential which she needs, as she gets sucked into her daily life and the individuals who walk all over her. The more that she sees Sebastian, the more she is able to find her true voice. The problem lies with Sebastian. Briony waltzes into the picture, who is Sebastian’s girlfriend. I thought of Briony as a show pony and Fixie feels that she’s no competition against her.
Fixie must be exertive when it comes to the family business as it seems she takes the business more seriously than any of her siblings. When her mother takes a leave of absence, mother stated that Fixie was the glue that kept everyone together, so mother knew how important Fixie was. I liked the reference to the cup sleeve and I thought the storyline in general was really good. I thought some issues in the story were just really extreme and those are the things I didn’t care for.
Fixie, herself, was too extreme for me at times. She let too many people take advantage of her. She had great role models yet she let everyone take a piece of her. When mother was gone, I thought that what occurred while she was gone, was totally out of control. Those individuals had no business sense.
Sebastian saved the novel for me. Sebastian brought Fixie around which changed the whole story for me. Overall, it was an entertaining and engaging read and I look forward to more novels by Sophie in the future.
I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!