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Bedfellow - Jeremy C. Shipp
When I heard about this book, I was excited to read it. It was short and the cover looked creepy. The beginning was interesting and it definitely got me hooked but then it got weird.
I was curious about where this book was headed. The longer that I read, I realized that I didn’t care about the family. I was more interested in the stranger that had arrived on the scene. What was he doing inside their house and what was his plans?
The husband welcomes a man into their home, for the first time, without proper introductions. When the wife sees this man, she can’t place him although she thought he looked familiar. What is he doing inside her home and why did her husband allow him in?
When she finally recognizes him, the story of how they had met is revealed and I couldn’t believe she didn’t remember him. How could she forget him? The wife changes her tune about the man and the stranger begins to make himself comfortable in their home. This is where the book got weird. This stranger makes his way amongst all the family members in the house, affecting each one of the them.