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I Have Lost My Way (audio)

I Have Lost My Way - Gayle Forman
I listened to this audio and I felt that the story was over before I knew it. It was a sweet story, a story that felt unbelievable at times yet you didn’t want it to go any other way and a story where the unexpected happens.
The beginning of this story was unique. It begins with Freya literally falling off a bridge and landing on Nathaniel, who was standing down below. Harun, is a bystander who witnessed the incident and immediately, he becomes a part of the picture.
I found it amazing how civil these three individuals handle themselves after this event. Minutes before Freya’s fall, each of these individuals were already pondering major issues. Now, facing a new peculiar crisis with complete strangers, they have something else to add to their minds.
As they come together, they find comfort in one another and that perhaps, this was no accident. That perhaps the answer that they have been searching for, is right there in front of them.
As I listened to this audio, I found some scenes too unrealistic for me. I did like the friendships that evolved and how the characters grew. How everything occurred in one day was a miracle but I guess, it could happen. 3.5 stars