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When the Lights Go Out

When The Lights Go Out - Mary Kubica
Nope, nada, this novel did not work for me. I have read Mary Kubica’s books in the past and I have enjoyed them but I didn’t enjoy this one. It was the ending that the upset me the most.
The story is basically about a woman whose mother has just recently passed away. Jesse has had sleep issues since her mother’s hospitalization and these issues still remain. These sleep issues are now causing Jesse to hallucinate. Ready to begin her own life now, Jesse finds out that her identity is not really her own. Confused and frustrated because she has no one to talk to, Jesse tries to piece together her past to figure out what her real name is and who this “Jesse” really is.
Enter in the story of Jesse’s mother. Through her journals, we read her tale of desperation to become a mother. Frustration, tests to become pregnant and failure all become part of the picture. Her mother ultimate goal was to be a mother.
I felt ripped off as I finished this novel. It was like the author wrote “the end” before the final chapter. It was all good until the very end. I guess I should have read some reviews before reading this book, I would have skipped it.