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Summer Bird Blue

Summer Bird Blue - Akemi Dawn Bowman
There was so much anger in this novel, so much rage, there were times that I felt it was almost too much. I understood why Rumi felt the way that she did but she was so mopey and grumpy to everyone, and it seemed that at times, she was just having a pity-party. I can’t really judge her actions since I’m not going through what she is but what I do know is, she has a great bunch of individuals at her side trying to help her.
Rumi, Lea, and her mother are in their car, talking and laughing when suddenly there’s a loud crash. Windows are broken and then, there is silence. At the hospital, Rumi and her mother both have suffered wounds from the accident but her sister, Lea has died. Mother has become withdrawn but Rumi needs her mother’s support, especially now. Rumi feels abandoned by both her sister and her mother.
Rumi agrees to go to Hawaii and stay with her Aunt Ani so her mother can grieve. Rumi would rather stay home and be with her mother, but right now there is nothing left of her mother. In Hawaii, Rumi lets her true feelings show. One of Aunt Ani’s neighbor’s is perfect for Rumi as he challenges her. I really liked him for he stood his ground and I felt he really helped her.
I understood Rumi feelings of abandonment and I understood why she was angry. Individuals try to reach out to her yet she was very hostile to them. Her anger and resentment was a big part of this novel. I wished that she would have found a way to channel this anger to something constructive. Rumi misses playing music with her sister and she feels that without her sister, she will never be able to find her love of music again.
It’s a book about loss, a book about family and finding yourself. It’s a sad novel, but there is hope and light within it.