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Ghosted - Rosie Walsh
This was an interesting book. I think this is a book where you have to pay attention to the text, and not skim over it. There are little parts that become important later and the characters actions are just as important as the words they speak. I can’t say that there is any specific character that stood out for me in this novel, for a majority of them irritated me. Jenni is the only character, at the end of the novel, that I cared for and I really wondered why she was still hanging on.
It’s been years since the accident that took the life of Sarah’s sister. Paying respect to her sister, Sarah again makes a yearly trip to London, only this year she meets Eddie. She never meant to fall in love but Eddie was nothing like Reuben, her first husband. They spent one week together and Eddie was off on holiday. They hated to part but he promised to call Sarah while he was gone. They made a commitment to reconnect once he returns, as they both wanted to move forward with their relationship.
When Eddie doesn’t call, Sarah thinks the worse. Sarah can’t think of any logical reason why Eddie hasn’t called her. Enlisting the help of her friends, Sarah tries social media to try to find any information on Eddie.
Sarah eventually gets some leads but what she finds is not what she wants to hear. As readers, we travel back in time, through parts of the novel, and experience the beginning of Eddie and Sarah’s relationship, to see how it began. These flashbacks give us a glimpse into their lives and provide a few clues to help us put the story together.
I liked Sarah’s relationships in the novel. I liked the variety of people she had to talk to and who were a part of her life. Some of these people were instrumental in her life and some, I thought she should appreciate more. Like I said before, there were quite a few people who bothered me in this novel. People who I thought should get a life or needed to grow up. But, that is what a good novel does, they provoke emotions and this one sure did. Then, there is Eddie. What a character. I’ll let you form your own opinion on him. I didn’t care for the ending. I could have thought of a hundred different endings for this novel beside this one. I just didn’t need another ending like this one. I’m glad we read this novel for book club, as I don’t think I would have read it otherwise. Between 3.5-4 stars.