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Old Willis Place

The Old Willis Place - Mary Downing Hahn
This novel wasn’t as creepy as the last Mary Downing Hahn novel that I read but I liked this story more. This story seemed to have more elements to it. I did think that the ending of the story wrapped up a bit too fast for me but for the target audience, they will love it.
Diana and her brother Georgie have been roaming the hillside of the Old Willis Place (Oak Hill Manor) for years. They have a list of rules that they must follow. Over the years, there have been numerous caretakers of the property which the two have had the pleasure of entertaining. When the current caretaker moves in with his daughter, Lissa and their dog MacDuff, Diana wants so badly to be her friend since they are about the same age but to do so, Diana would be breaking a rule. It has been so long since Diana has had a friend.
Georgie is content on their way of life on the hill but Diana longs to have a friend and the more she spies on Lissa, the more she wants to be her friend. Georgie and Diana are also worried about Lissa as she wanders around the grounds, surrounding the crumbling mansion. The doors have been shut on the mansion for years, the interior safe and secure, the outside has been watched by caretakers so vandals can’t work their way inside. But now, there is Lissa and she poses a threat to the calm dwelling.
I enjoyed this ghost story. It wasn’t just a haunting, there was a great story behind it and in the end, there was closure.